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The residential applications are endless. Line-X has been applied to many different areas of a residential property, including:

» Wood Decks and Railings
» Concrete Decks
» Garage Floors
» Sidewalks
» Basement Floors and Walls
» Basement Stairwells
» Patio Furniture
» Pond Linings
» Fencing
» Picnic Tables
» Speaker Boxes

Line-X is a non-toxic material and potable, there is no danger to humans, animals, fish or plants. Line-X is a non-pollutant material which uses no volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and therefore can be applied in virtually any area of a residential structure. Line-X Protective Coatings can be applied in virtually any color dependent upon the client’s needs and desires.

Line-X provides the ultimate solution for the protection of your assets. Its thick, seamless coverage application requires little or no downtime, unlike epoxy paints or other sealers which have a short performance life and require your assets to be removed from service again and again. Protect your assets…it’s that simple.